The white base is made from ertalon Each plaque is 15mm thick and 17cm by 34 cm width and length.The two white bases are joined with the front frame... a square aluminum T6.Because i don't push all the way the jig the rear square aluminum is on the surface and not raised joining the two white ertalon bases.  
  So only the front aluminum frame is raised about 8cm (3")so the saw blade passes clearly.The first "V groove for placing the wood stick is also made from machined aluminum and the second is made from ertacetal.  
  Two aluminum stripes are screwed under to allow the jig to slide in to the grooves of the saw table. 
  The wood stick is held down with the help of the small aluminum bridges and the hold down black screws.In the picture you can see a six side piece cut (6s).If you dont remember what a six side piece is look the pieces on my puzzle pieces section.  
  After you cut a piece, then you shave a little the wood reverce, in order the cut to go With the grain of the wood.This is why the second (white) "V groove is there. 
  This is a close up of the cut.Notice the aluminum bridge wood stick holders.Each one has two springs that lift up automaticly the aluminum plaque every time i unscrew the black screw to free the wood stick. .....To be continued