this is the smallest building piece and its called tetrahedron.its coming from the two words tetra and hedra.both words have greek roots and they mean tetra= four, hedra is surface so its a four surface piece.Short name: "TET"  
  This is a Rhombic pyramid.Its 2tetrahedra joined on their 90 the picture you can see a single piece and a combined piece.Short name: "RP" 
  This is a prism.There are 2 kind o f them.A right hand and a left can identify from which way the front side looks.You can make it from 3 tetrahedra or 1 rhombic + 1 tetrahedra Short names: LHP and RHP. 
  This is a joker.I call it like this because its the same both has 6 tetrahedra Short name:"JR" 
  This is a six side piece.its also 6 tetrahedra.Short name:"SS"or "6S" 
  thats a seven side puzzle piece.its a six side missing a tetrahedra.Total 5 tetrahedra. Short name:7S 
  an eight side piece,or two rhombic pyramids or four tetrahedra.Short name:8S 
  this is a left hand six side puzzle piece.its a six side and a left hand prism together. short name:LHSSorLH6S 
  this is the right hand six side puzzle piece.Its a right hand prism and a six side together.Short name:RHSSorRH6S. 
  the Rhombic pyramid with a six side is a RPSS or RP6S 
  here is a six side and you can have 2 Rhprism to make it or 2 LHprism to make it. 
  All the pieces together!!!one of my puzzles uses all these!The fancy heart attack puzzle 
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