"Sharpening a band saw blade"
size  This is what i use to sharpen my blade.I use the cutting disk(middle tool)The other two is for shining your trimming and living a smother finish. i dont usually use it due to time consuming and not really nesecery since i only use my band saw for ripping..  
size  here you see a band saw blade which the teeth are one left one right one straight.This is called Raker set. Now you must check yours to see what kind you have.Anyway after confirming this,then you go to the next step.  
size  Here is my minicraft with a small cutting disk. Now lets say I choose to start trimming the left tooth ."Gently" I do that and stop: to check how i did.
size  Now that i check, i see that i am not parallel with the surface i trimmed. I move my wrist a little and make a second attempt.
size  After i check again i see that now i am parallel.I try now to keep my wrist steady,and continue with the NEXT Left Tooth. NOTE: You barely touch the tooth.Thats all it needs.You don't shape it..  
size  You see in the picture that i trimmed the next left tooth,and i continue doing that until i finish all the left teeth. Then i do all the right teeth and final all the straight.This is logical cause it helps me stabilizing my wrist until i finish the teeth with the same angle.
size  Believe it or not its not so hard.You have to try it, you have nothing to loose.Besides Its quite nice when it takes only 20 - 30 minutes before you start cutting those sticks again..