this is right hand 90 degree aluminum angle alignment.When I glue the pieces i put this jig at the back so it makes the two surfaces level with out a step.  
  thats a left hand 90 degree aluminum angle alignment.Both jigs are small enough to fit at the back of the SS (six side)puzzle piece.  
  straight 90 degree aluminum angle alignment.  
  A "Hold Down" angle.This excellent small tool keeps in place the piece when I cut it.This way there is no danger of hurting my self by a "flying" piece when its cut.Inside the angle is covered by a 2000 grid sand paper so its thin and doesn't change the angle degree in any way.The sand paper prevents the piece thats cut from moving towards the saw blade.
  this is an example on using the left hand angle to glue a six side(SS) with a lefthand six side(LHSS). 
  here i use a right hand angle to glue a (SS) with (LHP)prism.Actually everything is easier once you start doing the gluing process your self rather than trying to remember all the names by heart.  
  Same process to glue a SS with a RHSS. 
  I use 2 sizes of my "Hold down"angles.I use which ever is more convenient to me at that moment. You will have a good idea of how this little things work in the F.A.J. fine adjustment jig section which i will show you the cutting process.