3 ch3col apart  By Klaus Kestel
(information is taken by the Facebook private puzzle collection)
13 February at 23:06
The first appearance Greek Designer Michail Toulouzas made on the IPP Design Competition floor was his entry puzzle FOUR TRIANGLES in 2002. It could not win a prize in those days but already received great critics and it seems that was his kick start into this scene. The puzzle collectors amongst us know that you will hardly get a chance to buy a puzzle from him because he is not a fulltime puzzle manufacturer like others and consequently only small runs can be produced during a year. Now think of how many designs he already helped to birth and you are aware that you are a lucky man/woman to get your hands on one of his sought after copies. Luckily I was offered a copy of FOUR TRIANGLES last year and after some money changed hands it arrived very well packed a few days later. FOUR TRIANGLES is an interlocking puzzle consisting out of 6 dissimilar pieces which are very precisely cut and have this indescribable feel to it. My copy is out of Rosewood, Bubinga, Sugar Maple and Modina and very well made. In fact I was a bit clueless at first due to not being able to find the first move. Speaking about this it also delivered a kind of new twist with some unusual coordinate motion (at least for me). Once you have detected what to do the disassembly is no longer a problem but the real issue starts....How the hell are going theses pieces back together? I learned from a few earlier puzzles where I struggled for a long time and at least took a photo with 2 halves this time in order to have a bit of support (the different wood colours are a hint as well though). However, it nevertheless took me a good 45 minutes to reassemble this puzzle and I could feel the achievement. From a difficulty point of view Michail is mentioning moderate to hard on the certificate he always sends out with his puzzles and I would also judge it similar with a 8 out of 10. I know I am repeating what I already tried to tell you with EGYPTIAN PYRAMID 2 but you really need to save some money and send out some prayers to be lucky enough getting a chance of buying one of his works. Absolutely stunning quality works combined with nice design ideas and a difficulty which is just about right that you do not give up early (you have no choice either - no solution is supplied). I am also happy that he decided to not use a single wood making FOUR TRIANGLES much harder but decided to create an outstanding piece of art for your living rooms out there as well. I am looking forward to review more of his IPP entries in the future!