The "fairy's door puzzlebox"
    • Designer
      • Mike Toulouzas
    • Craftsman
      • Mike Toulouzas
    • Category
      • Discovery sequence puzzle Box
    • No of pieces
      • Tools that are discovered in the solution process
    • Woods used
      • Doorframe:oak, Door:oak, Stones:Sugar maple, Box mahogany-kotibe, Hinges&Handle:Katalox
    • The Goal of the puzzle is open the box and close it(different procedure.SO,this is my 3rd box puzzle.Slowly slowly i am encouraged from collectors to make puzzle boxes.It was a great feeling watching all the puzzlers playing with the fairy's door at the design competition IPP34 in london UK.Others solving it,and others having a peak in the solution sheet.I am honoured that this puzzle Won the 'Puzzlers Award' prize in the International Puzzle Competition 2014 IPP34 in london-UK
      So ,so glad. I don't know if someone noticed that the box in the end, opens with a " Fairy's magic wand"!!! See more pics of the "fairy's door puzzlebox" puzzle.or Back to puzzle index.