The " The Fancy Heart Attack puzzle"
    • Designer
      • Mike Toulouzas
    • Craftsman
      • Mike Toulouzas
    • Category
      • serial interlock
    • No of pieces
      • seven
    • Wood used
      • (Pink)Eucaliptus, zebrawood
    • I am glad because this puzzle puzzle came alive.It has a lot of gluing with many pieces to construct the final shape of the pieces.It uses all type of pieces(tetrahedra,rhombic pyramid,LHprism RHprism,6side,7side 8side,RHss,RHss,Joker. That is something new.A hi level of difficulty with confusing structure.Unlike my other puzzles of similar type this is with a key piece.Its serially interlock and when you put the pieces they can go only one slide axis!!that i think its quite cool.
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