Well I..my name is Michael Toulouzas.I always liked geometry and puzzles. I have been working with wood since 1995 in cabinet making, furniture,woodturning, boxes and lately 3d mechanical puzzles.Mostly I make interlock and based on the master designer and craftsman ...Stewart Coffin.I read all his books and after a lot of effort in practice i managed to start making decent puzzles. My job has to deal with stracture in air crafts so i was familiar with the accuracy a piece should have. That gave me the reason to look further more and make the jigs from the least possible allowance in error material.Needless to say that Lee Krasnow is to the tops on his jigs and he also makes puzzles that i don't. So now i design my own puzzles trying every time to make something attractive and enjoyable.I try to use different kinds of wood but always chosen by me so i know what I am dealing with. Anyway i hope you enjoy my web site and you will find.... "Something to Play or to Display".