Zebrawood in a nice shiny french polished surface. 
  same orb in other side. 
  here you can see left and right 
  I figured that it would look nice as a billiard ball,so i made number8:the black one the ball that you have to put in a hole last( I always hit that ball and i loose 
  Very nice profil dont you think!! 
  A completly wavy pattern in the center of the ball divides it in 2 halves that is .... .... 
  ... why i call that ball a balance Orb. The woods are Palisander and oak.... 
  Here splitting the ball but not where the 2 halves meet,cool hei? .... 
  A center line splits the ball.This ball has 3 circular layers 
  here splitting the 2 halves 
  beautifuly and shiny  
  Perfect circle. 
   this is the side of the leaf Orb Around that red triangle there are 3 blackleafs
  You see I wasn't lying!!! 
  A complete square pattern in the center of the ball divides it in two crosses .... 
  .....one cross is one color and... 
  ....the opposite side is another color. 
  here is before the polishing prosedure,the 2 balls on the left 
  Here after the polish.The picture is not showing the actual shining of the balls.I use the "French polish" technic which is very hard due to the time and skill it needs.