The "Toolbox puzzlebox"
    • Designer
      • Mike Toulouzas
    • Craftsman
      • Mike Toulouzas
    • Category
      • Discovery sequence puzzle
    • No of pieces
      • Real replica Tools that are discovered in the solution process
    • Woods used
      • Main box:Mahogany,ebony,padouk,
      • Knobs:olive
    • The looks of the puzzle is very much involved with the puzzle. There are lots of compartments,tools and things that you have to discover and do to reach the goal of the puzzle. In the solution process you discover a tool that unlocks the next compartment with another tool inside. I tried that all tools are functioning according to their physical appearance. After you find all tools needed,there is a final stage of a reward. Also i have to say that it is,the most labor puzzle i have made so far. I was so overwhelmed that this puzzle was Awarded with Jury's Honorable mention Prize. in the International Puzzle design Competition 2016 IPP36 in Japan,Kyoto
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