11-2006 The m.c. escher star puzzle
05-2006 crosswindows puzzle
11-03-2005 more more new orbpaterns
23-01-2005Check my puzzle index
29-11-2004new orbpaterns
26-10-2004new orbpaterns and 8arrows trigo cube.Tools tips and technic section for my jig f.a.j. for making my puzzles
19-09-2004just a quick update with some new color patterns on the these puzzles:diamante cube 3chains ring,trigo cube and soon i will soon have also an orb new color pattern!!
6-08-2004hello...the orb puzzle is here!!!
26-06-2004I have been working on a sphere puzzle for the last 2 months and I only recently had a success.it is not easy to make a sphere ...i guarantee that,unless you make one step at a time.What i mean is that its easy to make a ball from a scrap wood but when it comes to the point of making a ball from a valuable project...like a puzzle,its hard.The reason is that you make the whole effort to make the puzzle on a closest to a ball design,( in my situation is the rhombododecahethra and then turn it on the lathe and if something goes wrong,there is no solution. So i will have some pics in a day or two.The amazing thing is that the pieces are 3 mirrored (totaly 6)and they serially interlock together.A very very unexpected dificult puzzle Ok no more talking,i will have for the time being 4 different appearances Unfortunately i have not made all the versions to take pics but sooooon.the name o f the puzzle is The "ORB" puzzle and the 4 versions are going to be the folowing: 1)Snake eye 2)Teardrop 3)balance 4)football
09-05-2004pics of 8 arrows trigo cube and Egyptian pyramid 2
5-4-2004I proudly present my new "8 arrows cube" prototype!!!!
1-4-2004I finished my workhouse and started working on my new design that i will send to the IPP24 in japan.Its a cube with 2 opposite Arrows on the 4 sides.Its name is 8 arrows cube.I will soon have some picture of it.I also made another version of the Egyptian pyramid No 2 (harder level)
8-2-2004i add a new information on"tools tips and technique"My work house is almost finished and i am very happy because now all the things I imagined take their place in reality,exactly as i pictured them. I have to put every thing in order otherwise my tools will not fit.
30-12-2003i add a new "tools tips and technique"which is under construction.It will be a some kind of a "map" for puzzlemaking and every time from now it will be more detailed.
6-12-2003Well the news are good:i am slowly finishing my new workshop and i will have all your orders done.I would also change my tools tip and technique section into a more detailed chapters.so dont give up and keep on coming to this site maybe you will have an inspiration too.
9-10-2003 a new puzzle the grandmas trunk and the a pic of a 3chainring puzzle</a> 
11-9-2003new pics of the "Infinity and the Improved 3 Crecos puzzle</a> 
29-7-2003new pics of the mehandros cube and the dual rhombic pyramid</a> 
23-7-2003new pics of the diamante cube in other color pattern edition. i will have one more color edition in the near future. 
22-7-2003new pics of brain attack and ribbon keyvos 
17-7-2003the Egyptian pyramid puzzle is a... 
16-7-2003 a new cube puzzle. the diamante puzzle 
15-7-2003another new puzzle....3"Crecos" puzzle  
14-7-2003I finally got my camera from the service so now my puzzle friends iwill add all the newdesigns i have made,day by day.......infinity puzzle 
20-6-2003.Well, i have designed some new puzzles and i have some new ideas on my head..The problem is that my digital camera broke down.The company promised one week to fix it but...three weeks have passed and still no news!!Anyway I just want to say to my puzzle friends to be patient and soon I will have pictures to show you my new puzzle designs..which there names are..."The infinity puzzle" and the "Diamante Puzzle.The "Infinity" is a big puzzle in size and i will have it in two structures.One structure consists all similar pieces, and the other dissimilar.The one with the Dissimilar pieces will have two goals to achieve. Now the "Diamante" puzzle is a Cube puzzle which i will have it with different colors of wood and with patterns... I am not sure yet.  
14-5-2003 Some new pics added of the 3chainringand the 3chainring No2the ringstarand the brain attack "star version"
I have joint the John Rausch Puzzle World site and i am happy about it.I here good words from all around and puzzle makers that are for long time in the field of puzzles and that is very encouraging for a new designer like me. I thank them all and i hope i will manage to stand up and give fresh designs and ideas about puzzles. I complete some of my improves plus some pics were added of the ribbon keyvosthe flower onethe block ring and the zigzag. 16-4-2003 well i am very happy because i manage to improve some of my puzzles,on the appearance and the construction. 1)mehandros cube
A few pictures were added of the
  • dual rhombic pyramid
  • ,crown rhombic
  • , various
  • ,the cross ...
  • plus my new intro (home page)
  • and my new puzzle design brain attack.
  • and a tools tips and technique section 
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