The "Xenia table puzzlebox"
    • Designer
      • Mike Toulouzas
    • Craftsman
      • Mike Toulouzas
    • Category
      • Discovery sequence puzzle
    • No of pieces
      • Tools that are discovered in the solution process
    • Woods used
      • table:mahogany-kotibe,
      • Knobs,inlays & center keeper:Palisander
    • The name of the puzzle is very much involved with the The goal of the puzzle. Xenia= from Greek word Filoxenia(hospitality)Hence the goal of the puzzle. I try that in all my puzzle boxes so there is some sort of a meaning on the physical appearance of the designed puzzle. So the Goal is to expand the table tops because "you have guests" and put all the discovered pieces in the center. Then, put everything back together! In the solution process the puzzle involves sliding moves, maze moves, tools,packing pieces and more! This is my 4rth box type puzzle. I know i have said that before but, i am encouraged from people to make puzzle boxes.(and when possible, geometry puzzles in between) It was so, so great that this puzzle design Won the 'Puzzlers Award' prize and the jury "honorable mention" in the International Puzzle design Competition 2015 IPP35 in Canada-Ottawa
      So three secret things about this puzzle 1)first the pieces discovered are tetris pieces 2)second,the Knobs of the drawers are in the shape of drinking cups(or egg cups) 3)third,sorry i cannot reveal the third one. You simply feel it every time you solve it and it can not be explained with words! See more pics of the "xenia table puzzlebox" puzzle.or Back to puzzle index.